Willow is my musical name and came about from
a childhood dream and place of magic. Once the
perils of the world hit you, sometimes that dream
is lost, but can be recaptured. As you begin your
journey sometimes things don't always turn out
as you expect, and you may get abandoned, or
somehow lost, but you will find your way back to
innocense where it begins again.
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About Jill Ledet

I have been an artist my whole life, and I have a musical gift that I would like to share
with you. I focus on getting the highest information possible through my art, and bring
you to a place that you won't forget. I am environmental safe, my music is soothing,
deep, and emotional, and releasing. The nature of my business is healing , and my
audience is generally looking for something that will elevate them, and bring them into a
space of tranquility and peace, or answer their inquisites. The music composition
below is from the CD New City called "Spirit Walker" and "Indigo" dedicated to my
son Justin who I love with my soul.
Magic Music
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