Hypnosis is a state of bringing about the unconscious in a completely safe and natural way.  When a
person is hypnotized, they are completely aware of their surroundings.  They remember everything, even
after being brought out of hypnosis.  We all can experience states of hypnosis and not even know it.  An
example of a light state of hypnosis would be driving your car, and becoming so engaged while driving,  that
some of us may forget to turn or exit where we're supposed to.  That is called highway hypnosis.  Another
example is watching television, where we become "glued" to the screen.  Our mind may become very
suggestible from T.V. Commercials when we enter this state.
Anyone can be brought to a state of consciousness
that allows the subconscious mind to receive
positive healing
or the opposite, this is how suggestible we are, so it
is important to screen the information that  we hear,
If a doctor tells you only have 5 months to live, are
you going to believe it? You've been given the
suggestion, thus creating the scenario, let me know
if you want an alternative!
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that is used to help someone overcome problems in their life that are hindering
their ability to live to their full potential.  Our main goal in life is to evolve and be happy and feel at peace and
loved.  When we overcome annoying and hindering problems in our life, we can then be free to achieve our
goals.  A person who does not want to be hypnotized will not.  Likewise, a hypnotized person will not do
anything against their will, as they are aware of suggestions given to them.  There is no danger of a
hypnotized person not being able to come out of hypnosis.  Even if left alone, the person would naturally
awaken.   It is impossible to remain hypnotized.  Hypnosis is only dangerous when it is used to take away
pain that hasn't been diagnosed.  There could be a medical problem that the person is unaware of.

Lectures/demonstrations can be given for a reasonable cost to your group, club,  or organization.

are available for stress reduction,   self-hypnosis, quitting smoking, and weight loss, as well as special

Hypnotic Tapes
Reinforcement tapes are available with "stop smoking", and "weight loss" programs.  Other tapes available
for reasonable cost.

Metaphysical Healing Work includes a combination of
Chakra card readings
Angel Card Readings
Crystal and stone therapy
General Counseling and Medium Services
(I do not take insurance)

Trans personal Therapy
Aroma therapy
Energy channeling
Etheric body alignment
Past Life Regression work
Archetype Cards

Call 800 530 1882 for appointment
These combinations are used exclusively for blocked or disharmony zed energy centers (or chakkas).  This
system of healing is very ancient and is very powerful.  As a result spiritual, mental, and physical wholeness
is achieved.

A session lasts from 50-60 minutes.   Suggestibility testing is crucial to effectiveness of the therapy. .  A full
session costs $125.00, and includes full hypnotherapy benefits for the desired issue.  Follow up sessions
are available for $30.00
A sliding scale fee is available for those who cannot meet their financial needs. I also accept
pay pal.
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