The world is an infinite school, with different compartments and doors to
walk through.

If you indulge in thinking that confuses you or are unsure of another's
motives, connect yourself to the closest thing that is divine to you, and
you will hear an answer.

Remember that lust is just a tool that is used sometimes to really get your

Look at yourself in the mirror everyday, if your'e lucky enough like the
trees above to have water underneath that is a gift. That is what you are.

Time is so precious, that it is a sin to waste it, the wisest time used is that
of growing seeds, and contemplating the rewards.

Learn the art of detachment, it's easier said than done, but once
mastered, you will get far more done than the ants building their hills.

If you're level of development is higher than another, teach them rather
than fight them.

If you get into a rut, look up at the stars and immediately you will see a
way out

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May the energy be with you
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